Garage Door Maintenance and Repair for Security

Nowadays, homeowners may use their garages to access their houses for a variety of reasons such as, letting kids use keyless entry to get inside the house after school or play. Unfortunately, criminals can also get access to your house through weak or malfunctioning garage doors. In this article, I will share some tips and tricks which can help you to keep your house secure. Remember, if you don’t feel confident; consult professional garage door services like, Ace Garage Door Repair to handle your faulty garage door.

Garage Door

Basic opening and closing mechanism of garage door:

If you are working in the garage, you may return inside the house without closing the garage door. Now it is late at night and you cannot remember to close the garage door. Luckily, you have an in-house monitor and security mechanism with your garage door that can notify you when the garage door has been accidentally left open.

It is also true that you always want to open the garage door quickly. In the case of power break-in, you should not have to worry about being stuck inside or outside the garage doors. Nowadays, newer garage door opener models come with standby features and a battery backup system that allows the motor to run on less power. The power backup system will help the garage door to open and close several times during a power outage. If you are still using an older version of the opener, contact a local garage door expert to replace it with the new model.

On the other hand, you always want to be able to open your door in case of an emergency. If the power goes out, you should not have to worry about not being able to use your electronic opener. Today’s newer garage opener models run on less power, which allows them to have a standby feature. This, with a battery backup system, will help ensure that your door can be opened and closed several times during a power outage. If you are interested in installing a new operating system, contact a professional garage door repair specialist for advice and assistance.

Embrace keyless entry

Older garage door openers and their single-code remote controls were more vulnerable to thieves who found ways to steal the code and gain access. Today, however, operating systems offer a rolling code system that keeps outsiders from hacking into the system. In addition, keypads can be installed outside and offer keyless entry with easily changeable codes. More advanced models require fingerprints, ensuring that your code won’t be shared. You can input the fingerprints of all users into the system, add temporary access for a neighbor or in-law, or create a code for short-term use only. This eliminates the need to make and hide spare keys around your front porch or mailbox.

Protect the interior

Even if your garage door is in good shape, someone may still try to find a way to get into the space. Ensure that any back doors or garage windows are sealed properly and kept locked. If your garage has an interior door leading into your home, be sure to lock it at night and while you are on vacation. Additionally, make sure the interior door is included on any home alarm system. If you are traveling and away for more than a couple of days, hire a reputable house-sitter to keep an eye on things.

The bottom line: make garage repairs now

A cheap, weak-looking or broken door may attract unwanted guests. Ward off potential break-ins by not waiting to make door repairs. Perform maintenance and upkeep checks, and consider adding extra security features to help keep your home safe.

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