Garage Door Repair Springs Have Sprung

Overhead garage door operates on the mechanism of torsion spring, regardless of whether it swings up in solid single piece or rolls up in multiple sections.

These springs are used to lift and lower the garage door and counterbalance its weight during operations. They have tends to wear and tear so they may lose their tension or break out over time which should be readjusted or replaced. Garage door springs are dangerous and complicated parts which should be handled by professional garage door expert such as, JT’s Overhead Door Services. It is important to understand the garage door mechanism involved before calling a professional for repairs.

Components of garage door: Your garage door runs on the heavy-duty metal tracks which are placed along with the walls of the garage. There are several kinds of garage doors operating systems with respect to springs types like a torsion system or an extension system or a combination of both. There are several types of garage door based on the operating system.

Swing-up garage doors: In this category, garage door runs on the horizontal tracks placed high on a wall of the garage. These tracks should be placed slightly downward position toward the backside of your garage. These powerful devices are mounted on either side along with the frame of the garage door and hooked to the garage door itself. If they are in a good working position, it is worth inspecting the brackets to find out any loose hardware including loose screws, nuts, and bolts.

Roll-up garage doors: In this type, curve-shaped metal tracks are adjusted from vertical to a horizontal position in order to roll up the garage door on the back of the garage. Torsion springs are also used to control the operations of the garage door. Pulleys and cables system is also used to support the operating structure of the garage door. You can adjust its torsion by just pulling on the metal cables and re-tighten the knots to increase and decrease the tension.

Note: If the garage door is operated only with one spring which is placed at the center of the garage door. Call a garage door technician to deal with it rather than trying to handle it yourself to avoid the injuries due to high tensed components.

Professional garage door springs repair services: Replacing the garage door with one or multiple springs is a challenging project which will not fit for DIY projects.

If you feel yourself up to challenge, ensure that new springs same size and diameter as a new spring and you should be familiar with the winding bars which will help you to be at ease on the project of new springs. Winding the springs mean storing energy which can cause severe injuries if you are not extremely cautious.

There are many online tutorials available on the internet on the garage door spring repair and replacement process but there are many important things to keep in mind. First of all, close your garage door and disconnect the power supply of the opener than adjust the ladder accordingly to one side of the working area to avoid the path of the winding bars. Safety will be your first action, make sure that keep a stronghold on the winding bars and fully wound them into the winding cone holes of the springs. Over-winding cones can cause to garage door bounce up while under-winding will make the garage door weighted and hard to operate.

If you have any doubts about your capabilities to remove or rewind the springs, don’t hesitate to call a garage door expert. Your safety will be your first consideration, so it is not worth risking your life to save a few dollars. Spend your time on other potential areas in order to avoid frequent and costly garage door repairs in the future. You should also check, tighten, or replaced any damaged screws, nuts, hinges, or brackets to keep your garage door in a good running position in a long run.

Garage Door Torsion Springs

Are you the type of person who ignores the maintenance of the garage door? Unluckily, most of us do. Definitely, it is very easy to take such devices for granted until they stop functioning.

Then you will have to try by yourself to figure out how to handle the problem, or call in an expert and costly garage door technician like, Indianapolis garage door repair company to your home. You can’t believe how much work the well-functional garage door does. We never think about garage door maintenance and repair. We simply operate it during a day as often as necessary and only think about its maintenance when it suddenly won’t work. Garage doors are important to be maintained, if they break, they can be complicated and expensive to repair.

Many garage door problems can be fixed by homeowners easily as long as they have few handy tools, the patience of work, and a little bit of knowledge about the mechanism of the garage door. The main and important part that frequently goes wrong on garage doors is the torsion springs. These springs are responsible to lift the heavyweight of the garage door and counterbalance its weight. The torsion springs do most of the work by recoiling and pulling the garage door. Therefore, if you have installed a garage door opener, it does need too much horsepower to lift the garage door. Thanks to the torsion springs.

Traditional garage door like, flip-up garage doors use the springs to flip up the garage door. If you don’t know much about garage door springs then stay away from it. They need a huge amount of strength and force to support the garage door while opening and closing, that is why it can dangerous thing to handle on your own. The weight of flip-up garage doors should be counterbalanced with the help of springs. They will help you to lift the garage door using one hand only.

Some people believe that if you have a one-piece garage door, you will not need to install a garage door opener. It is not a true picture. Garage door opener works with the torsion springs to lift the garage door while opening. If garage door springs lose their tension or break down, changing them on your own can be more difficult and risky as they have to be properly balanced in order to operate the garage door properly and safely.

Good rule of thumb: if you want to lift the garage door safely and easily, you will have to install garage door torsion springs correctly. If you are not able to hook them properly, you may need to hire a professional garage door Repair Company to get the springs installed or adjusted properly. It is always good to trust a qualified garage door technician to install, adjust, repair, or place any part of the garage door, especially the garage door torsion spring.