Replacing Your Broken Garage Door Springs

A garage door will become malfunction for quite few reasons but one of the repeat offenders that I noticed most often is the broken garage door springs.

Garage door springs are used to control and balance the 300 to 500 pounds garage door. They help the garage door to move easily but unfortunately the weight of garage door will break the springs. It is extremely important that you get replace extension garage door springs as soon as they break down because they will cause a great hassle that you don’t want to handle.

The life cycle of springs:

Garage door springs are normally rated in “cycles” which means how many times the garage door springs will be ideal before it breaks. The high quality springs are rated for 10,000 operating cycles. Assuming that you have well-functional garage door that is opened and closed about 6 times a day, you can expect to get about 7 years of use before these springs break.

Types of garage door springs:

There are two common types of garage door springs one if torsion and other is extension garage door springs. A torsion spring is mounted above the garage door with a spindle or metal shaft running through it. When you open and close the garage door, the torsion spring clamps down on the spindle or uncoils to work. They generate and release the energy to support the garage door to be moved on. The garage door extension springs are typically found on the either side of garage door that stretch out and bounce back when garage door moves.

Garage door spring repair work:

If your garage door has broken springs, I strongly suggested that hire a trained, licensed, experienced, and qualified garage door contractor for help. The torsion springs are under a great amount of pressure that needs to be released to avoid turning the springs into a potentially lethal projectile if they break. The broken junks and the stored energy will hurt or even kills you. Furthermore, the garage door needs to be aligned correctly to prevent additional damaged on the garage door and garage door opener. So don’t waste your time and call professional garage door experts right now.

Protecting and Ensuring Media Freedom the World Over 

Welcome to Media Freedom International — an organization that works towards ensuring media freedom across the world. We are a small organization with offices in the United States, London, Denmark, Germany, Singapore and Ghana, among others.  

We started in a small office in Lansing Michigan with a small garage door using A1 Garage Door Service Lansing Mi. We used to be focused simply on being a watchdog of media freedom in the United States. However, in the course of our work and the funding provided by our partners, we were able to expand and hold offices in different parts of the world. Today, we are a 100-people strong organization with staff stationed in different countries.  

However, our vision remains the same — to protect press freedom in all respects, no matter the country that we are working in. Currently, our work encompass three important programs:  


Press Freedom Protection  

We are working on the protection of media freedom in all the countries that we have presence in, including even the region where we hold office. We continuously monitor for attacks and threats against the press, specific issues and controversies that involve the media as well as work for the enactment and implementation of policies and legislations that aim to protect journalists and news organizations. Know that we have attained a lot of successes and achievements in the passage of landmarks laws and cases in the name of press freedom.  


Media Ethics and Responsibility 

While fighting for our media freedom, we are also mindful of our responsibilities to the citizens and countries that we work in. In terms of that, we release a regular journalism review that aims to show transparency on the work of journalists and media organizations. We are not afraid to call out our fellow members in the industry who have violated the ethics that we consider to be very important in our line of work. At the same time, we regularly hold workshops and conferences to update our members on their responsibility as a watchdog of society.  


Best Practices and Promotion of Excellence in Journalism 

We are our very own worst critics. We try to police our ranks in order to ensure that we bring out the very best among our members. In line with this, we conduct regular trainings to update our members on the latest in journalism practices. At the same time, we are working with various award giving bodies in the industry to ensure that we are properly recognizing excellence within our ranks.  

Currently, Media Freedom International recognizes that the greatest threat to journalism is the spread of fake news or what governments and strongmen leaders define as fake news. As such, we are working hard to ensure our credibility and that of our members in order to address this issue. We are also working to ensure that journalism and its hallmarks of excellence remain in this information-saturated world, even with the presence of the Internet and social media. We hope that you continue to support us in this endeavour.  

The Issue of Fake News 

If there is one thing that has caught the attention of the world and has put the future of journalism on the line, it is fake news. In the history of journalism, it is only now that it is under this kind threat to the point that its continued survival is at stake.  

For this reason, Media Freedom International seeks to determine the various issues responsible for the rise of fake news and what can be done to mitigate it and protect journalism. In this particular blog, the aim is simply to look at the factors that caused its rise.This is a multi-part article that will trace the rise of fake news, the current initiatives being done and what each of us as individuals can do.  

First off, fake news started to become known and gained traction in connection with the U.S. presidential election. Note, however, that to say that fake news only started in 2016 is in itself fake news. This is because there have been a lot of instances of deliberately misleading and false information that has been in the public sphere for centuries, even before the actual start of journalism as a profession.  

But the thing is, fake news seemed to have morphed into such a big scale because of the Internet and social media, which made it easier to share news in a cheap and convenient way, and at such a massive scale. By creating blog sites and dropping links on social media, fake news could be disseminated instantly, to a large number of people. This is further compounded by the fact that the algorithms of Google, Facebook and Twitter is somewhat friendly to fake news, allowing its immediate propagation among networks and groups of people.